Testimonial Construction Clean Partners

“Our experience with DoConstructionBusiness Data has been phenomenal. When Construction Clean Partners opened business in Atlanta in 2011, we immediately started working with DCB Data. The data they provided allowed us to connect with general contractors in the area who might have jobs involving cleaning up for bid. Within our first four months, we were awarded 13 jobs. After a full year, our award count was up to 63.

Thanks to DCB Data, Construction Clean Partners has worked with over 350 customers in all 50 states. Since 2011, we have been awarded over 673 contracts, including 100 projects in Georgia and three awards in Wyoming, West Virginia, and New Mexico. DoConstructionBusiness Data has been our only source for leads since Day 1, and we are proud to boast a 38.77% bid award rate and average contract value of $7,700 for cleanup bids.

The value of information provided by DCB Data has also helped us create a product called CleanSnap, connecting cleanup companies with general contractors. Since January 2016, CleanSnap has matched over 150 cleanup companies with projects across the country.

Today, we receive so many invitations for bid requests that we simply can’t entertain them all. Thanks to DCB Data, we’re ahead of the game!”
Construction Clean Partners, LLC