What do I need to start?

DoConstructionBusiness is a web application, you do not have to download the application.  Once you have registered, you can login at anytime from any computer and you will be inside the web platform.    You will contract or sell to a commercial general contractor, your business must have the proper requirements to do business with a construction company.


How do I get contracts inside DoConstructionBusiness job leads?

If you have access to job leads, which are projects that a commercial general contractor is currently bidding or currently building, you can use these job leads to ask questions.  70% of these jobs are already in progress with many having a primary contact.  Use the company contacts to confirm if your service or product can be used for each specific job lead.  You get a reply from contacts back to your email inbox.  Email lists product there is no  job leads, you have to email the contact to determine if they can use your service or product.  some type of mass email, system works best here so you can email many contacts with less time.  DoConstructionBusiness has contact mass email feature which allows you to email many contacts using 1 pre made email template.

What industries or trades can use DoConstructionBusiness?

DCB is full of commercial building general contractors.  We do not contain civil contractors.  Any company who offers a service or product to a commercial building construction company should utilize DoConstructionBusiness.  Common operating and supply trades: Drywall & Paint,  Caulking & Sealants, Flooring, Demolition, Earthwork/Grading, Landscape, Concrete, Masonry/stone, Wood/Plastics, Thermal/Moisture, Doors/Windows, Toilet & Bath Accessories, Residential Appliances, Window Treatments, Cleaning For Occupancy, Conveying Systems, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical.   Software services-back office support – estimating software,

Our philosophy

Email is more effective at getting new customers than waiting on a call or cold calling. Make use of valid responsive email addresses and create a web of information so all general contractors know  you are looking to contract.  80% of prospects say “no” four times before they say “yes”.  Manage your time and leads more wisely.

What other fee’s does DCB charge me?

There is 0% commissions on all of your awarded jobs leads.  There is only a monthly recurring fee for you to access to the platform.  Email Lists has a $50 cancellation fee if order is cancelled before delivery.

Are invitation to bid job leads added before bid due date?

DoConstructionBusiness, yes does receive hundreds of these invitation to bid emails per week.  We know there is less than a 30% chance that the general contractor who is sending us the invite to bid will be awarded.  We add 20% of the invites to DCB before bid due date, 50% of the itb’s we receive are added 1 month after bid due date (once we think the general contractor has found out if they have been awarded.)  20% of the itb requests we receive we do not add to the system to avoid subscribers requesting to service job lead opportunities that were never awarded to the general contractor.  No construction trade can be purchased before bid due date ( a contract being created in your company name).  Contractor will wait until they are awarded a contract being creating a contract for a vendor.

How many job leads have a bid due date in the past, future, or no bid due date at all.

On August 1, 2017- 3rd quarter of 2017, we have 6,890 job leads in the system.  DCB adds jobs from the perspective of a trade who is purchased after the bid due date.

5,170 have no bid due date, this means the job lead was added to DCB after the general contractor has been awarded and the bid due date is irrelevant. 75% of the job leads in DCB are in progress or DCB has not been told the GC has completed building the job lead.

1,702 job leads have a bid due date before today with 37% having a bid due date in 2017, 33 % bid due date in 2016, 400 job leads have a bid due date in 2015, then the number drops drastically to 74 job leads having a bid due date in 2014.  There are 20 job leads that are still in the system with a bid due date in 2013 and 2012. Those must be large jobs or on hold.  If we find the job is complete, the job is removed from DCB.

8 job leads have a bid due date in the future, that is less than 1 % of all the jobs leads in DCB.  If you must bid before the bid due date, DCB is not the right job lead database for your business.  We focus on job leads that are already in progress, where the general contractor has already been awarded.


How long does it take to win a job?

The system has been privately used from 2012-June 2017 by a cleaning company, Construction Clean Partners.  The below data is what they experienced during their first 5 years of usage.  Weekly you should search job lead view, created in last 7 days.  CCP won the most jobs when a job lead was in the system for 3 days, all new jobs added need a call or email to see if you can service.

Jobs with no sales cycle will be smaller contracts (no follow up date, you submit a proposal and the award comes next). If you want larger contracts there will be a longer sales cycle including next follow up dates, proposal submit date, a few proposal follow ups, then finally a nice award.

 The time before award and contract amounts can vary per trade.  This data is based on the smallest scope and last purchased scope on a construction site.

With email list, you have more opportunity (maybe night higher chance to win a construction project contract ) adn can win a job in 1 week.  if you email 5,000 people and 750 people reply to your introduction email..  5 will give you an opportunity to bid a job that needs to be purchased within 14 days from your email.

How long is each job in DCB before being removed 

Jobs are removed from the system when DCB is told that the job is complete or if a general contractor confirms they have not been awarded the contract.  These are the 2 cases in which there is no chance for a trade or vendor to be purchased for this job lead.

Under 1 week in the system- the job is close to completion and the GC is looking to purchase closeout trades, then when they are purchased the job is complete, no more companies need to be purchased.  3 months is the timeframe we feel it takes for a gc to start a job after the bid due date.  If bid due date is Jan 1, by April 1 the gc for sure knows if they are awarded and should be starting on site. The most common timeframe for a job to be in the system is the 1 year group.   Jobs over 4 years are either very large, dead, or the gc has not informed DCB that the job is complete.

You will not know the age of a job lead inside DCB.  Each job lead name is relevant to the account and valuable because are in the know and are showing interest in other similar location projects.















How long are contacts in the database?

The first contact was added in 2011, tis contact still lives inside DCB and is active ( will reply to an email) Over 50% of the contacts were added before 2015.  once the email addresses bounces 3 times, we remove the contact from system.  Over 100 contacts are added per week.

Cleansnap vs DoConstructionBusiness

DoConstructionBusiness has every job that CleanSnap has along with the jobs that do not make it to CleanSnap, the project manager prefers to contract with a local company without any middle company sending emails or earning commissions.  example. “we will find someone local”   or ” we do not want to deal with a broker”  So job leas do not reach CleanSnap because CleanSnap only shows jobs in which the project manager has requested a final cleaning proposal.
Job leads in DoConstructionBusiness are entered from a few phases: before the general contractor is awarded (bidding phase), once the project is in progress, or when the project manager is known and the job is close to completion.
In CleanSnap you are given the 2 primary contacts that are related to the job lead and statements on when the cleaning price confirmation site visit should happen, in DoConstructionBusiness you are given the project manager contact and general details on the job without copied email statements from primary contacts.
A job lead can be inside DCB in January, but not appear in CleanSnap until June because CleanSnap only shows jobs in which the cleaning contract is expected to be purchase within a 6 month period.  If you are selling paint or cement, you need to know about the job lead before close to completion.

Not enough leads in my working region

If you have 15 jobs within 50 miles from you, this means you have 1 competitor.  If you have 150 jobs within 50 miles,  it’s likely you have 10 competitors.  These competitors are not using DoConstructionBusiness, but they live in your working region and are looking for work a different way.  You can only determine if there is no opportunity for you on a job lead if you have been told by a decision maker that your trade can not be used and all your job leads have a stage type of Not available,

When are job leads deleted from DCB?

Once we are told from a DCB contact that a job is complete or if the job was not awarded to this general contractor, the job is removed from DoConstructionBusiness. If you have already submitted a proposal and marked the proposal submit date inside your job lead, we will not remove the job lead. DCB is cleaning job leads that you will not have to email or call and not have a chance of winning the contract.  https://youtu.be/bgtvq9lSMak

Contact mass email

Send 1 mass email to up to 1,000 contacts in 10 minutes using 1 email template .  Your company contact information, working region, trades/products are automatically merged into your email.  The contact email replies land in your inbox.  You can complete unlimited contact mass email flows.  see here

How to get here: In the contacts tab, under tools, you can click “mass email contacts”

Tip. Do not email all contacts in 1 outbound email session. spam warning

Remove a check box and the contact will not be emailed. If the check box for the contact is fill, then this contact will be emailed with the email template you select in step 3.

You can only choose 1 email template per sending of one group of contacts.

Sort report view by account, you want all contacts that work for 1 account to be grouped together to determine how many contacts you will email per account.


Tab views

Accounts view: Top 100 ranked ENR Contractors

Wanting to do business with the top ranked contractors, we have over 80 of these companies in DCB. Click here to reach the view

Account view: Award at bid due date

These accounts only accepts bids on bid due date.  Loyal to companies who help them win their bid with the owner.  If no company bids a particular scope, this general contractor  is forced to accept proposals after they are awarded the contract.  When quoting at bid due date, you must use the architectural drawings and possibly a given scope to submit a bid at bid due date.  98% of the time, there is no building to view at bid due date.

Working Region Tab


Job Lead Page layout

Job leads

Account Page Layout

Account Name: Legal company name or the name of company found on website. or in the footer of emails from contacts.  You can see this name on signs of a construction project if the company is constructing a building.

Billing Address: Location of HeadQuarters or one of the offices for this company.  You can mail business cards, or drive to this office to physically introduce yourself.  Companies may have more than 1 address.

Website: Presence on the web that allow us to qualify this company as a commercial general contractor.  Visit to learn more about company.

Phone: Office phone for company office that matches the billing address.  Most of the contacts will have this phone number.

Fax: Office fax that matches the billing address

Account page layout.  View basic company contact information.  Pre qualification application or instructions to get on bid list.  Job lead source- the place where each company markets their bidding and in progress projects. Socials for further networking.   Bidding and in progress job leads that have been gathered from inbound emails from DCB contacts and from Job lead sources

Vendor Application

Pre qualification application submit instruction: No application to fill out, follow the instructions here and your company can be entered into account vendor system.  Become a qualified Vendor.  This information comes in from an email from an account company contact.  If there is no email inside this field, pick a key estimating contact and email information.  If no key estimating contact, its ok to send to any contact.

Pre qualification application: Direct link to blank Vendor application, Subcontractor form, Qualified bidder form, Bidder pre qualification application, Sub qual form, Bidder pre qual questionnaire. Either PDF or webpage application. Fill in and submit to person contact who is on the form.

If we have Pre qualification application ,the instructions to submit the application will be inside the application.  Some companies do not have a physical application, so via an email we get the pre qual application submit instruction .  If you follow these instructions, your company will be placed on the vendor list for this company and you will start receiving public and private invitation to bid requests.  The ITB’s will mostly be for bidding purposes and the General Contractor needs a bid to submit to the owner to secure the contract to construct the building.

Pre qualification apps

You can have a goal of being qualified with as many construction general contractors as possible.  You will receive invitation to bids  from 60% of these companies, some send way more emails than others.  You can sort by state to only view accounts with hq office close to your working region.

See the pre qualification process simplified here

The Master Pre qualification key  contains the questions to  fill out every vendor application.  Watch Demo Here


Job Opportunities

Opportunity Source: Web locations of where this company markets their bidding or currently in progress projects. Ex. Company Website, Facebook, Invitation to bid emails, iSqFt. Go to this source to find projects to partner with General Contractor.  All of the possible sources are:  Internal co. Plan room, No Plan Room, ITB email, Facebook, LinkedIn, ISQFT, Twitter, Blue Book, LDI, Gradebeam, SmartBidNet, Builders Exchange, Dropbox, BidMail, PlanWell, NextPlans, ProjectConX, ITB fax, AEPlans, biz journals

Opportunity Source Stage Type: The project stage in which project activity is marketed.  Pre GC Contract award bidding, Post GC award currently in progress, Currently in progress with decision maker.  Visit the opportunity source and you find these stages.

Stages of opportunities

Bidding-gc – Pre award General Contractor

General Contractor is accepting bids from subcontractors.  GC has not been awarded the project yet and  still has to submit a bid to the owner to be the approved General Contractor. Most common way to create a bidding gc opportunity is to receive an invitation to bid email.  Many companies use Bidding invitations softwares such as isqft, Gradebeam, or Pipelinesuite.  Invites come to vendors that are on the approved vendor list, a qualified contractor, In the Vendor System.  Prequalified.

Project in progress- General Contractor has been awarded

We know the account has been awarded the project.  We do not know the name of the project manager. The building can be half way complete or not have started.  The account has been notified that they are awarded.

Project in progress decision maker id

Job is currently in progress and the project manager is known.  This contact knows more information about project that anyone else.

Plan room link: Direct company website link to bidding or currently in progress jobs marketed.  GC is looking for vendors to bid or showing activity to attract new clients.  click link to find project to ask General Contractor about bidding or selling a service.

Plan room  Notes: Location, Login credentials, 2nd company Plan room link, TIPS from the marketed bidding or currently in progress jobs.  Helps find bidding projects inside the opportunity source.  We share the Construction Clean Partner login, you can use this, but will want to create your own login in the long term.


Job Leads: Projects that the General Contractor is either currently biding, currently building, or already complete.   You have to update your job leads in your own system after you are told that you service is not needed or you should follow back up in 6 months.

Job leads with no primary contact 

The contract purchase decision maker on this job lead has yet to been identified.   If there is no name in the primary contact field or inside description, you must view the account page layout contacts and pick a key estimating or other contact to express your intent to bid.

The system will have more job leads without a primary contact.  Using 2 different email template folders; single job leads and multiple job leads, you are asking account related contacts who is the primary contact .

Contacts: Persons that work for this company.  The roles are project manager, administrator, estimator, superintendent, president.  Use these contacts email address and phone number to communicate with General Contractors.  Key-Estimating-project stage knowledge check boxed  contacts know the most about all bidding or in progress job leads. Is the job complete or did the account win the contract to construct the building.

Contact title

Titles of a commercial construction company contact can change per project.  What role a person executes for their company. Estimator, project managers, and  superintendents complete different task daily. Title can help you communicate with the proper person for different scenarios.

Title can be taken from a contact email footer or we use evidence of how many times a contact is related to a job lead as a primary contact or superintendent site contact to determine a contact title. If a contact is related to more than 3 jobs as a primary contact, we label the contact as key-Estimating-project stage knowledge. (not a title but a checkbox on contact page layout).
Most common job title a contact uses.


Data sets

Job leads over 50,000 square feet 

The total building size is over 50,000 square feet.  Common project types are apartment, hotel  and warehouse.  Selling to jobs close to this size are usually not a quick win. They take a few next follow up dates, proposal submit date, and proposal follow ups to get a win. Use the single job lead template folder, you can use primary contact or single job lead templates. You will always email from the job lead and copy the contact name into your email “to” field.

This dataset is located under Map view and Job data view, the job count will always be the same but the way you view the data will be different.