Order Summary
Superintendents USA email list

1 Time Payment, No subscriptions. Receive excel reports same day

Each Superintendent list contains 3 reports segmented for easy viewing.

You will get a excel reports for : 2,130 Contacts with email address and phone that have title Superintendent  

The Superintendent is on the job site, the pm is in the office. The Superintendent has buying power, not as much as a project manager. Super works on job sites, not in the office

The Superintendent normally manages 1 job at a time, Managing all the on the job site contractors. This person knows the most about what goes on at each indiviudal job site. The pm normally sends contractors to the super's job site and super manages that subcontractor to get the job done.

Superintendents work nationwide. Traveling employees; going where the work is. Connect with 1 and follow this person nationwide. 

2,130 USA employee contacts at $.28 per. Full USA nation is represented. Some companies have 5 Superintendent on list while other construction companies have 1 on the list. 

Break out city or industry. We can not sell only a city or region in a state. The full list contains contacts from all states. We do not know which contact works on specific industries ex. education, retail, or military.