Working Region Account Actions

Within the DCB Platform, click the Working Region tab.

The first option is Nationwide Territory, which includes regions that are combined of companies that say they work in states that fit into ex. SouthEast,

Nationwide Territory includes the companies that are building all over the nation, they build in most states, these are mostly retail builders who have nationwide accounts with a customer.

You are here to make sure all companies in your working region get activity (email or call) from you


Action 1:  You will fill out each pre qualification application and submit
Result 1:  You become a qualified Vendor, start receiving public invitation to bids via email and fax
Result 1.5: Project managers can view your company  in their vendor system and invite you to negotiated projects ( immediate need for quote)
Action 1.5. Open emails and submit quotes.

Action 2:  Email DCB Contacts
Use Pre made email templates when you Send an Email from account, contact, or job lead page layout.

Action 3: Add New opportunities from DCB opportunity Source
note : DCB is updated monthly, DCB Job leads come from opportunity source and inbound emails.  If the current DCB Job leads do not have a bidding opportunity for you.  Click on opportunity source links, browse this page, write down bidding Job lead names from this source.  Ask DCB contacts about bidding status

Action 4:  Call company main phone number or Fax
Can you email me a list of all the projects you are bidding or in progress
Can you send me your pre qualification application, so we can pre qualify and get on your bid list
Who is the best person to email, who can tell me which projects you have been awarded or lost
Fax 1 page company profile

Action 5: Use Company physical address
Mail business cards with 1 page company profile.  Ask for your business cards to be put into the mailboxes of projects managers, estimators, and superintendents
Drive to office and make a physical introduction