Reach Local Jobs from Map tab

  1. Select Map , Search “Job Leads”, select your desired local Range- (distance in miles from your location).  These are job leads that are available for you to ask about the availability of your trade/scope.
  2. Sort Mapped Data by Account Name, (get all Job Leads owned by 1 account together, so you do not over email the account.)
  3. Clock on  1-2 Job lead Names from each account
  4. Email or Call Primary Contact from Job Lead, or go to account and pick a contact. (1. key estimating, another contact, or call office).
  5. Copy the contact name, come back to Job Lead, Click Send an Email, Paste contact name into “TO ” field.   Select Template to use
  6.  After you visit each account with a Job Lead in your Map   search, go to Working Region and search states for accounts. (working region accounts say they work in “this state” but may not have an opportunity created in DCB.  Use these steps when selling from account view.