Order Summary
All 3 pre made contact lead lists

You will get 10 excel reports with : 10,000 Contacts with email address and phones from our 3 pre made lists. 30% discount  

Owner, President, CEO, Chief, Executive contacts in USA Building Construction . C-Level contact Email Lead list. 3,400 contacts of owners and heads of departments here  

Our 3 pre made contact lists in 1 order. Over 11,000 contacts, some contacts will be on multiple reports. 10,000 individual person contacts for sale

10,000 contacts at $.15 cents . 30% discount if you purchase each list individually. Pay $1,540 instead of $2,200 for all 3 pre made contact packages. Project Manager view demo. Superintendent . key bidding knowledge view demo. Best for nationwide sellers to utilize full list

Nationwide Lists- how many states are represented. Key est. bid knowledge - 47 different states. Project managers- 48 different states. superintendents- 44 different states. 

Break out city or industry. We can not sell individual states from pre made packages, they are all nationwide. We do not know which contact works on specific industries ex. education, retail, or military. We can not sell contacts who only work on Restaurant project types

3 reports in 1 for discount Instead of buying the complete nationwide list, you can save roughy $5,000 and get the most valuable contacts. 1. Project manager 2. Superintendent3. Key Bidding Knowledge

1 Time Payment, No subscriptions. Receive 10 excel reports same day as order