Mass Email Push

Within DCB you can use templates to email contacts individually.  You have to open a job lead or copy a contact name and press the button send an email.  Templates are setup so you do not have to type too much, if at all.  But if you want to email 200 contacts in 1 day to get 50-70 person replies in your inbox,, this can take 5 hours..

Mass Email Push is an automatic function where we choose the contacts to email for you based on last activity.  We will send emails to contacts who have never had activity from you first, then the contacts who you made contact with 50 days ago.. Then the last contact go get activity will be the person who received an email 8 days ago

With the philosophy that the contact that has never heard from you, may have a special opportunity for you, or the person you contacted 50 days ago may have forgotten about you.  So you must remind the contact that you are still around and looking for work.

Mass Email push will pull job leads that are from your working region.  Job lead names will be merged into email templates subject lines and body of outbound emails that are alls sent from the CRM system.  Depending on how large your working region is, you can send 1,000 emails per day, with the result being instant hot job leads that may not be inside  and a lifetime of your email being inside this General Contractors email system.

Mass Email Push’s main focus is to send many emails in 3 minutes.  All you do is push 1 button and all the emails are sent from your email address