Order Summary
key bidding knowledge Email list

1 Time Payment, No subscriptions. Receive excel report same day

Each Key Bidding knowledge list contains 3 reports segmented for easy viewing.

You will get a excel reports for : 3,240 Contacts with email address and phone that other contacts have said "ask this person"  

Mixture of job titles. This list does not focus on 1 project title. If we are told to "ask jimmy about all bidding projects". We mark Jimmy as "key estimating bidding knowledge" Office manager, Project manager, Vice President, Superintendent

$.022 cents per contact We create this list combined of top coontacts who can anwser an array of questions. All will not be project managers who issue contracts, some will be superintednets who work on a job site. 

3,240 USA employee contacts. Full USA nation is represented. Some companies have 5 key est bidding knowledge contacts on list while other construction companies have 1 on the list. 

Break out city or industry. We can not sell only a city or region in a state. The full list contains contacts from all states. We do not know which contact works on specific industries ex. education, retail, or military.