Our direct email system works best for companies who:

  • Contract or sell to commercial construction companies in USA or Canada.
  • Nationwide, regional reach, or complete state reach (1 city or half state reach will not work).
  • Do not want to pay per click, Do not want a contract, Pay $0 commissions for awarded contracts.
  • Do not have the time to talk cold leads, only want to see warm or hot leads.

See examples of what the direct email leads look like in our shared inbox

Support staff HR lead:

Some services are not project related. We send emails asking general questiosn and giving basic company information. 

  • Non job bidding services will send emails to contacts that work in your state, states, or complete nation. 

Plumbing site visit request with superintendent:

You get to make a site visit with the super on site then walk to confirm the scope and submit a price instantly. 

3 months on site at project:

Given months to work on pricing, all opportunities will not be instant contracts or proposals submitted.

  • Create a pipeline, put data into your system for management
  • Or keep conversations in our shared inbox

Call me request, get on the phone with your customers:

Jim may ask "How did you find out about this project?" 

DoConstructionBusiness is asisting us to build relatinships and win contracts. Can we submit a sidewalk quote ?

Correct project manager given:

You email the new project manager your questions about pricing this project

  • Copy new project manager email address and reply in this same email chain
  • Keep all person contact emails as an asset for future emailing
  • Warm lead

PM confirming where you work for future bidding:

Buildng long term relationships from 1 email sent. Work in multiple states for 1 contractor. Show off your reach. Warm lead

Project just starting, exclusive invite from project manager:

This email is sent asking about installing and supllying concrete sidewalks. Hot lead

  • You reply with what you need to price 
  • Work on pricing now to be approved a contract

Quick turn arounds:

This is a june 20 email and service needs to start on June 25. The project manager is ready to buy now.

You wil get new emails in inbox daily:

DCB will star emails different colors (key) so you quickly know which reply emails are hot. 

We send 1 campaign per week. Depending on how big your reach is, determines how many replies you will receive.

Get public invitation to bid requests forever:

Once we start emailing contacts, depending on your service/ product, the contractor will automatically add your company to their system. This email will always receive public invitaton to bid requests.

Get a 14 day free trial to see if the leads are what your business needs

  • You determine what a lead is for you during the free trial email blast
  • We aim for 10 leads per email blast ($4,200/ month). We can slow down to 5 leads per week
  • After the 1st email blast, your business will be able to tell if the monthly fee is in your marketing budget
  • If trial brings 20 leads, that is free. To send another blast, we invoice you $1,000, once paid we send blast
  • No recurring automatic charging, pay per leads before email blast
  • Cancel with no fee at anytime, we will stop bringing leads to the inbox.