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Access 50k + contacts with emails and phone numbers, plus 4,400 business profiles in the (B2B) building construction database.  

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1. Signup for Free Trial- View the full database of accounts and contacts- no email addresses 

2. Order your pre-made list or state contact package.  8 files per state emailed to you

90% Deliverability Guarantee

If more than 10% of our emails bounce back, we’ll provide credits for more data.  If you have platform access, email addresses are removed and replaced with new email address.

The accuracy of a living database

You can see what person contacts are added daily, emails are cleaned for outbound accuracy, and no longer employed contacts are removed. 

Contact control ratio

We do not add 60 contacts to an account if the account builds 2 projects per year.  An excessive amount of contacts reduces the value of a contact,  every contact can not be talked to and some will go untouched.

Pre made lists are nationwide lists.  State lists are segmented by phone numbers of contacts.

USA General Contractor Business Database $6,000
CSV export files for all general contractor business and each contact
38,335 direct contact emails (all U.S. employees)
3,715 general contractors (all U.S. companies)
Contact Pre Made Lists
Canada General Contractor Business Database $1,000
CSV export files for all general contractor business and each contact
5,854 direct contact emails (all CA employees)
700 general contractors (all CA companies)
Contact Pre Made Lists
United Kingdom General Contractor Business Database £450
CSV export files for all general contractor business and each contact
2,800 direct contact emails (all UK employees)
450 general contractors (all UK companies)
Contact Pre Made Lists
Email list by project manager job title USA $900
CSV export files for all project managers and their business
Person contacts who assigns vendors to individual building construction projects.
Estimator gives winning budget to project manager to manage
6,200 direct contact emails
Email list by superintendent job title USA $600
CSV export files for all superintendents and their business
Works on the job site managing product deliveries and vendors who work on a building construction project.
2,079 direct contact emails
Email list by key bidding knowledge job function USA $700
CSV export files for all key bidding knowledge contacts and their business
Mixture of project managers, estimators, administrators, presidents.
People who say” I know about all or most projects that our company is involved in. Ask me about bidding status’.”
2,800 direct contact emails
Contact package $.20 cents per contact
.20 x number of contacts in a state
Data download (8 CSV export files)
Direct contact email and phone
General contractor company details
Lower than 10% bounce rate

Cancel Charges for Pre Made Email Lists:

All orders cancelled prior to the deliver date will incur a $50 flat cancellation fee, No cancellations will be accepted after the delivery date.

Export Data / CRM Compatibility

Our system is designed to work with yours. Export XML, TXT, CSV or XLS data to your CRM or enterprise software, making integration with our data a breeze.


Free access to DCB platform

You can see all general contractors, you can view all the contact names that belong to each business.
You can not view the email addresses of contact persons during the free trial.

Unused contacts

If you gain access to under the maximum threshold, you do not get a discount or contacts do not roll over to the next month for a higher amount of contacts than your subscribed plan.  If your working region has 400 contacts, you will purchase the Starter plan which provides access for up to 500 contacts.   However if your package grows to another threshold while you have access you are not charged the price of the new upgrade or downgraded plan.


List is rented for one time use, please inquire for reuse pricing and multi-use pricing

Reuse orders must be pre-cleared and approved.