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Better paying general contractors, and less public jobs leads than any other construction job lead source in the industry.    Less competition on our 8,000 commercial projects throughout the U.S. and Canada

Access our platform, see job leads to submit proposals, email contacts to gather more pricing information, have the whole company information at your tips to help you win each job lead.

Job Lead Phase

70% of job leads have already been awarded to a general contractor,  construction is underway or waiting permitting approvals.  Official invitation to bid due date has passed.  Subcontractor bids are being accepted.  

  • Average state has 250 job leads

Job Lead types

Senior living, Tenant fit out, Retail,Restaurant, Industrial, Medical-Dental, Athletic.  Vertical building projects.  90% will have an interior  and roof in project.  

Whether you’re a flooring contractor or a painting company, we’ve got you covered.


Not sure how to win the job?

Send emails through DoConstructionBusiness and use pre-made templates to win the contract. Save time and work more.

  • Email replies return in your normal email system

Why Choose Us for Construction Leads? 

Our unique Information Sources

40% are created from inbound emails from construction companies

20% of the job leads come from public invitation to bid emails into our email inbox.

30% originate from the company public plan room on their website

5 year old database that is being used daily- updated and cleaned because it’s living

We provide a combination of national U.S coverage the average Canadian coverage

Plans for Any Kind of Business

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Basic $99/Mo
Job Leads for 1 state
Company contact emails
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Your DoConstructionBusiness account will be activated within hours from your order completion.  Your account login credentials will be emailed.

When logged in to DoConstructionBusiness, you have access to:

  • All job leads from your selected state (choose next page)
  • Full database of general contractor business profiles
  • Email addresses for accounts with a job lead in your state